From ‘made up’ English to ‘yellow bones’ – 3 moments from DMF that had us gasping for breath


Sibonakeliso was grilled by the friends and family of three bachelorettes (Nadine, Isabel and Precious) and seemed to come out of the storm with his dignity intact.

Sadly, it seems that wasn’t the case for all the contestants.

Twitter had a field day cracking jokes and posting hilarious memes about some of the friends and family who featured on the show, especially after the interrogation by Nadine’s crew.

Here were three of our favourite moments from the show.

“Made up English”

Twitter lost its mind when Nadine’s friends started their cross-examination of Sibonakeliso and not only got tongue-tied but ended up “making up their own language”.



Giving the gifts

Nadine’s friends weren’t playing games and asked Sibonakeliso straight if he intended to give Nadine gifts.

What’s your race?

Twitter went mad when one of Nadine’s friends asked Sibonakeliso what race he was.


In short…

rn rn

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