Rapper Solo addresses ‘copied artwork’ saga


The rapper hogged headlines after reports stated that Solo’s CD sleeve artwork for his Dreams.B.Plenty album looked “too” similar to US artist David Brewster Jr, but reports at the time claimed it was David who copied Solo’s work.

In a lengthy Twitter rant, the rapper addressed the issue, after a person lambasted him for saying David was an artwork thief.

Solo was not in the mood, though.

In addition to saying he couldn’t care less about the ‘guy’, the rapper went on to explain how the people shouldn’t be believe everything that they read.

Solo said that while he is not concerned about the articles, he found it “ridiculous” that other publications just ran with the story, simply based on the fact that he said his artwork was out first.

He went on to question the accuracy of the article and explained his “involvement” in the creation of the story, before warning people not to be gullible.

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