Riky Rick has big things in store, fam


Riky Rick has big things in store, fam

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Riky Rick has a lot in store for his fans.

Image by: Via Riky Rick Instagram

Rapper Riky Rick touched down in SA after a trip to Germany and clearly had an abundance of positive vibes, telling fans what his future plans are.

Everybody has been waiting to hear what the musician would be doing post his split with Mabala Noise and it seems not even that split could damage his path.

Riky took to Twitter to share that he is more positive that everything will work out for him, as he answered questions from his fans who were mostly concerned about his well-being. Awks.

Although he only gave brief answers to the questions involving his plans, he has shed light on the direction his career is taking.

Here are four things on his list:

Riky will be acting in his own movie

He has said that he will work with fellow cotton eater and U.S based musician Jidenna

Fans can expect the music video for his latest single Stay Shining soon

Record label or not, Riky will be dropping a new single and a few remixes with “new internet cats”


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