Nathi Mankayi gets real about fame, his wife and getting attention from adoring female fans


After a well deserved break the crooner with the smoothest vocals in SA is back on the campaign trail promoting his newly releases album, Umbulelo Wam. He admits that life has changed dramatically over the past few years but wouldn’t change it for the world.

“It has changed. The fame… people stop me at malls and petrol stations. Everywhere I go, really. As a celebrity I have to bear in mind that I live for people and it’s not about me. Before this (the fame) only my family knew me. It’s all changed.”

Being a musician means Nathi is always on the road, performing at gigs and trying to earn every rand he can. He is currently shooting the video for his track, Izinyembezi. How does his Mrs handle his lifestyle?

Well, because she’s also a singer she gets it.

“I met my wife through music and we have a lot in common. She has been through a lot like me and if a person has been through that, she is able to understand that this is my job. She’s also a singer and the two often work together.”

Nathi said he knew she was the one because a lot of their journey has been the same and he believes that their tough pasts have made them stronger.

“We have known each other for a long time. We’ve struggled together and been through a lot. I prefer to struggle with someone who knows what hardship is so when we become successful chances are we will stick together no matter what comes our way.”

When he isn’t on the road, you’ll find Nathi at home playing his guitar and listening to music, even Maskandi.

“I play my guitar every morning and like to listen to music. Even Maskandi (Laughs). I’m just an ordinary guy and I help with chores around the house, but not cooking. I’m not a good cook,” he says.

But he’s not a normal guy and his stardom has seen him suddenly have to face legions of adoring fans doing just about anything to be with him.

Being the gentlemen that he is, Nathi has learnt to let them off easily.

“I’m a shy person and it’s not easy for people to be friends with me because I don’t drink and I only engage in a conversation that is fruitful. As a public figure people love me a lot and they ask for hugs and pictures, but when girls throw themselves at me I explain nicely to them that I’m a married man and I don’t entertain them.”

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