WATCH: We are no longer in combat mode, says Thembisa Mdoda on Atandwa Kani


After more than a year Thembisa Mdoda has finally broken her silence about her relationship with ex Atandwa Kani and their rather public split.

Thembisa recently graced the Real Talk studios with her presence where she opened up about the challenges she and Atandwa faced. 

Atandwa and Thembisa’s split was filled with a string of public spats, which saw the both of them air their dirty laundry.

Thembisa revealed that despite everything that happened between them, Atandwa and her have apologised to each other.

“We have apologised to each other. There was a lot of  wrongness, he knows it and I know it. We’ve sat down and we spoke about it. He needed to hear it from me, he needed to hear why I was so closed up and blocked for all those years,” she said.

The TV star explained that they had to go back and tackle their issues “step by step”. She also admitted to accepting a lot of responsibility for the “wrongness” between them.

“I have had to take a lot of responsibility because a lot of what happened was me just not giving him the chance to be. I had to dig deep and introspect and everything that happened allowed me to do that,” she said.

Thembisa also revealed that some of the challenges they faced as a couple stemmed from her not fully trusting the moments she had.

There was also a time when she was incredibly frustrated and “felt useless” because she was not getting gigs, and he was.

“I would feel so useless and felt that we had gone through this journey together, and now we are here. He’d go to work and he would come back and I’d still be wearing the same gown I was wearing in the morning,” she said.

Thembisa revealed that she and Atandwa weren’t in “combat mode” anymore and after a journey of self-realisation she is standing tall.

“Now I am more of a giving and open person, I do not care what people say, and what happens on the outside. I can truly say I am free,” she said.

And judging by the bling on her finger, it seems like Thembisa has also found love again.

Even though she could not hide the rock on her finger, Thembisa avoided confirming if she is engaged or not.

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