It’s time… for Somizi and Bonang to reunite!


It’s time… for Somizi and Bonang to reunite!

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B and Somizi: it’s time!

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This time last year Somizi and Bonang were full on frenemies. Remember how he took to the SAMA stage in Durban and poked fun at her signature line ‘It’s your girl, B?’

And then there were those reports that AKA slammed a door in Somizi’s face, apparently making him run for extra concealer to cover the bruises.

This year was much different.

Footage of Bonang dancing while Somizi was dancing on stage has gone viral. No resting bitch face this year, fam.


By now everybody knows that Bonang has extended half an olive branch after tweeting that Tumi Morkake and Somizi were her highlights. She only gets half because she didn’t tag Somizi, you know the vibe: “I wanna make peace but I ain’t gonna beg .”

If you remember Somizi said on Anele’s show that he thinks Bonang “owes him an apology.”

The question is whether he’ll reply to that half load attempt like…




Please tu. Just give us something positive about in  2017.


rn rn

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