‘What is #covfefe anyway?’ -Twitter in a tizz over Trump typo


‘What is #covfefe anyway?’ -Twitter in a tizz over Trump typo

TshisaLIVE | 2017-05-31 12:16:52.0

The world is currently attempting to decipher the enigmatic meaning of #covfefe tweeted by Donald Trump.


US President Donald Trump’s Twitter typo has the entire social media world in stitches.

A puzzling tweet by Donald Trump at  9.06pm on Tuesday night has left the world in a perplexed state and in search of the meaning of the statement and unknown word.

The tweet, which many have assumed is an incomplete thought and probably a typo, saw #covfefe trending on Twitter at number 1 across the world.

Failure by the president to delete or clarify the now over 14-hour-old tweet, left people to their own varied conclusions.

The reactions are the best thing you will see today!

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