Somizi reveals the biggest lesson Bonang taught him


Even though they are no longer BFF’s entertainer and media personality says he learnt a lot from his former best friend media personality Bonang Matheba, one of the biggest Bonang taught him was the importance of blocking negativity from his life, especially on social media.

“She actually taught me the art of blocking, she doesn’t play. But at the rate of the influx [of tweets] on her timeline, I don’t blame her because you need to get rid of anyone who can potentially make you uncomfortable,” Somizi said on The Fresh Breakfast.

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“Bonang’s right thumb is strong and fast. The girl can even see a troll that is still coming. Just a mere ‘hi’ from a potential troll will get you blocked because she can anticipate that you will probably say something nasty at the end of that conversation,” Somizi added.


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