Man convicted for impersonating DPP



A man has been convicted and fined Shs500, 000 after he was found guilty of attempting to obtain money by false pretence.

Buganda Road Court chief magistrate, Jamson Karemani recently found Henry Luganda guilty of attempting to falsely obtain Shs25m from Muhammad Ssebuwufu who is facing murder charges.

Mr Luganda is said to have impersonated Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Mike Chibita to demand the money in exchange of dropping the charges.

In his judgment, Justice Karemani observed that for Mr Luganda, who is not related to Ssebuwufu to have started frequenting Luzira prison where Ssebuwufu was at the time being held and promising to help him, showed that he had started scheming for something dishonest.

“The accused was using a landline number in a mobile telephone set. I do agree with the prosecution that the accused [Luganda] intended to commit an offence.”

“It’s my finding that he had begun to put his intentions into action. I am convinced that he was doing all this towards the fulfilment of his intentions of obtaining money from the complainant…

I find the accused guilty of the offense charged in Count Two and I convict him accordingly,” he ruled.
The same court, however, acquitted him of the charge of impersonating the DPP after the prosecution failed to adduce sufficient evidence to prove the same charge.

Luganda’s woes started early last year after he was accused of having gone to Luzira prison on January 8 and approached then jailed Ssebuwufu and asked for Shs25m, which he said would be given to the DPP.

Facing murder

Ssebuwufu is the proprietor of Pine Car Bond. He is accused of beating to death a city businesswoman, Donah Betty Katusabe, over a Shs9m debt after she bought a car from his bond.

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