1,000 S. Sudan herders enter Uganda



About 1,000 Toposa pastoralists from South Sudan have crossed to Kaabong District in search of water and pasture for their animals.

The pastoralists entered into Uganda last Friday with 10,000 livestock, including camels, donkeys, sheep and goats.
Mr Mark Abuku, the district LC5 chairperson, said Kaabong was overwhelmed by the influx of foreign pastoralists, including the Turkana of Kenya.
He said the few water sources have since dried up due to a high demand.

“The total number of livestock in Kaabong District is 250,000 after the Turkana entered with 40,000 and Toposa [10,000 herds],” he said.
According to Mr Abuku, other Karimojong pastoralists in Kaabong have been forced to migrate to the neighbouring districts such as Lango and Acholi in search of grass and water.

The current drought has hit Karamoja harder with all valley dams built by Ministry of Water drying up. Pastoralists from Kotido, Napak, Nakapiripirit and Amudat have crossed to areas of Sebei, Teso and Lango amid.

However, Lango leaders protest ed against the Karimojong pastoralists from grazing in their land.

Mr Denis Okello, the Otuke District LC5 chairperson, said Otuke residents were complaining against the Karimojong saying they might be surveying for cattle rustling.

Lango leaders accused the Karimojong pastoralists of raping women, stealing food from the gardens, contaminating water and moving at night with guns.

But the outgoing 5th Division Commander, Brig Sam Kavuma, dismissed as false allegations that the Karimojong have been moving with guns at night saying government has disarmed them.

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