Bundibugyo Christians insist on own diocese



BUNDIBUGYO. Renegade Anglican Christians of Bundibugyo District have resolved to create more archdeaconries and parish headquarters in a bid to meet the standards of a new diocese.
Last week, the council convened a meeting at Bumadu Archdeaconry chaired by canon Wilson Kiiza to come up with a roadmap on how to apply for the proposed West Ruwenzori Diocese.
The Christians early this month made a proposal to split from Ruwenzori Diocese based in Fort Portal Municipality.
However, they faced resistance from the church leadership which argued that a new diocese cannot be created using rebellion.
The leaders advised the Christians on the procedures of having their own diocese, which include having a cathedral, among other physical and human resources.
To support their demand, the Christians have created archdeaconries in Bubandi and Bumadu.
In their meeting, the council also approved the need to keep a good relationship with the Ruwenzori Diocese (mother diocese) for peaceful tranquillity.
In addition, Canon Kiiza has urged Christians to stay united and embrace the spirit of giving offertories to ensure rapid development.
“Let’s first get prepared before we request for the diocese. We are still lacking many things, if we put in place everything needed, I am sure we shall be granted a diocese,” Canon Kiiza said.
The principal of Bishop Balya Religious Training College, Rev Michael Kitooke, who is part of the team that was recently appointed by the Ruwenzori Diocese Bishop Reuben Kisembo to harmonise Anglicans in Bundibugyo District advised Christians to adhere to the rightful procedures of applying for a diocese.

Christians warned
He emphasised that the move should be kept free from any political and cultural attention.
“We should always behave as Christians who respect our church procedures and not mix with worldly ideologies,” Rev Kitooke said.
The head of the laity at Bumadu Archdeaconry, Mr Robert Kisembo, noted that the December 31, 2016 pronouncement of the West Ruwenzori Diocese to split from Ruwenzori Diocese was based on a number of contended issues, which included oppression, mismanagement of funds and other irregularities by the mother diocese.

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