Thugs raid former MP’s radio station


KAMPALA- Some suspected goons at the weekend stormed the premises of Radio East FM in Tororo, bringing business to a standstill at the station. Radio East FM is located on Tororo Main Street in Central Division ,Tororo Municipality.

Mr David Omollo, Jimmy Apumeri and Fred Emojong, who were panelist on the weekly Tororo today political talk show at the radio station, allege that the thugs wore army and police uniforms and were wielding clubs.

“They hit the tables, overturned the wardrobes and asked to know where our boss was and warned us never to discuss anything related to politics in Tororo on the weekly talk show. They warned that if we did, we and our director; the former MP for Tororo Municipality, Mr Sanjay Tanna, would be killed,” said Mr Omollo.

“It was not until the RDC Tororo, DISO and DPC intervened that the three men were forced out of the radio station and were just escorted out to their homes,” Mr Omollo said.

The Police spokesperson for Bukeddi sub-region, Mr Sowali Kamulya, confirmed there was an attack on the radio station by suspected thugs and that a case has been registered at Tororo Central Police station.

“We got information about the attack and we deployed heavily at the radio station and nothing happened thereafter but we are also aware that these attacks are being instigated by top NRM leaders, we have started investigations,” Mr Kamulya said yesterday.

But the panelist allege that the suspected thugs were led by Dr Tanga Odoi, the NRM party electoral commission chairperson.

Speaking to Daily Monitor in Kampala, Mr Tanna also claimed Mr Odoi and some hooligans are trailing him as part of a plot to intimidate and harass him out of elective politics in Tororo Municipality, where he formerly served as an MP. Mr Tanna claims the suspected thugs are part of the group.

But Mr Odoi dismissed Mr Tanna’s allegations as both foolish and ridiculous, saying the former MP was only looking for cheap sympathy from the voters.

“I just parked opposite the radio station and I was waiting for some chaps from Mbale but when they saw me there they started panicking. As for the thugs who stormed the radio station, I don’t know them. Let them file a case and police will investigate,” Mr Odoi said.

However, Mr Tanna in a letter dated January 23, to the minister of security, states: “My deepest concern is that Mr Odoi and his hooligans are moving scot free after even committing crimes which are registered at Tororo Central Police station …”
“And there are public threats that the group will burn down and destroy my property … in Tororo municipality,” the letter reads in part.

Mr Tanna’s letter also cites an incident a month ago when, he claims, he was accosted by a young man whom he identified by name and accused of threatening him with a gun.

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