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KASANGATI- Former presidential candidate Dr Kizza Besigye yesterday hosted more than 200 children to a party at his home in Kasangati, Wakiso District.

Early Sunday morning, children, mainly drawn from his Kasangati neighbourhood, resplendent in blue T-shirts emblazoned with Dr Besigye’s picture and “The people’s president. Besigye is my president,” slogans, flocked his palatial home.

They were treated to a sumptuous breakfast as they danced away to Toka Kwa Bala Bala, FDC’s election campaigns signature anthem.

A cheery Dr Besigye took turns in exchanging pleasantries with the ecstatic youngsters, often whispering sweet words to the charmed children as he served them cake.

Dr Besigye’s social media accounts were beaming with images as he shared embraces with the children, with his followers quickly drawing parallels with the Biblical scenario where Jesus called out to children tickling at their innocence.

Explaining what inspired the party, Dr Besigye revealed that it was a moment for him to share “happy moments and a meal” with the children but also to lay a foundation that will see them grow into adults that can turn around Uganda’s fortunes.

“The main objective is to ground them in understanding their purpose in life. To understand that the greatest majority in our country are children and they should know that they have a responsibility to grow up as children who will change their country to be a better country,” Dr Besigye said in an interview on the side-lines of the party.

He added: “…that they grow up with the right beliefs. We encourage them to grow up with the right values that will positively impact our country. Values of selflessness, hard work, love and cherishing peace and friendship…”

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