Police court: Brutal officers’ ruling postponed to Thursday


KAMPALA: Police disciplinary court has postponed the ruling of the case in which nine police officers and a crime preventers are accused of clobbering supporters of Dr Kizza Besigye on July 12 and 13, 2016.
Senior Commissioner of Police (SCP), Denis Odongpiny, also police court chairman, said the court could not rule on the suspects’ case given the fact that two of them; Dan Tandeka, a crime preventer and Constable Robert Wanzala were yet to submit their final defence.
“On Tuesday 24 [January], this court heard submissions from the prosecution in respect to this disciplinary court. The defaulters were also given chance to give their final defence submissions. Unfortunately, defaulters; [Dan] Tandeka and [Robert] Wanzala were not present,” Mr Odongpiny said.
He added: “Since these two did not make their submissions, this morning court will proceed to hear their submission and this this means ruling will not be today.”
Tandeka is accused alongside three senior police officers and four constables of beating up Dr Besigye’s supporters at Namasole, on Entebbe Road July 13.

The co-accused include; Superintendent of Police (SSP) Andrew Kaggwa, former Kampala Metropolitan South Regional Police Commander (RPC), SSP Samuel Bamuzibire, former KMP Operations commander and Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Patrick Muhumuza, former KMP Field Force Unit commander.
The constables include; Willy Karyango, Sula Kato, Kenneth Muhangi and Moses Agaba. Meanwhile, Constable Wanzala is accused alongside his former boss Superintendent of Police (SP) Moses Nanoka, former Wandegeya Division Police Commander (DPC). The duo is accused of beating up supporters of Dr Besigye at Kalerwe Market on July 12.
The 10 suspects were tried on two counts of unnecessary use of force contrary to Section 44(1) Code 24 of the Police Act and discrediting the police image contrary to section 44(1) code 12 of the Police Act.
Mr Nanoka, Mr Kaggwa and Mr Bamuzibire also face another charge of neglecting their duty when they failed to restrain their juniors from clobbering cheerful supporters contrary to Section 44(1) code 19(A).
In their defense submissions, the suspects told court that it was unfair for them to be tried for implementing orders of their seniors Mr James Ruhweza, former Kampala Metropolitan (KMP) Operations commander and Mr Jonathan Baroza, the Personal Assistant to the police chief Gen Kale Kayihura.
Mr Ruhweza while appearing as state witness in the same court on July 29 pinned his colleagues and denied having knowledge on where his juniors had picked the sticks.
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