Justice Kavuma sued over land grabbing


Kampala. Deputy Chief Justice Steven Kavuma has been sued before the Land Division of the High Court in Kampala over alleged land grabbing in Makindye, a Kampala suburb.
Justice Kavuma has been sued by a one John Sentongo.
In a case filed before the court on January 31, Mr Sentongo states that in 2008, he purchased the said piece of land in Makindye, Kizungu zone from a one Obed Kabagambe.

The petitioner narrates that the said piece of land measuring 220ft x 212ft x 160ft is adjacent to Justice Kavuma’s land which contained an old structure that was at foundation level.
Mr Sentongo adds that sometime in March last year, he noticed a uniport erected on his plot and a signpost placed there with words inscribed there as ‘no trespass’.
“ Upon making inquiries from the persons occupying the uniport, the plaintiff (Mr Sentongo) was informed that the uniport and the signpost had been placed on the land by the defendant (Justice Kavuma) and that he is the one who had hired them to guard the land.” Mr Sentongo’s petition reads in part.
The complainant adds that he called the number inscribed on the signpost and Justice Kavuma answered on the other side and that he invited him to his office for further discussion.

“The plaintiff (Mr Sentongo) did in early March present the defendant (Justice Kavuma) two agreements and verbally explained to him how he acquired the disputed land and challenged the defendant (Justice Kavuma) on his claims of ownership,” the petition reads.
Mr Sentongo further in his suit, states that in response to his documents confirming the ownership proof of the land in question, Justice Kavuma reported a case of criminal trespass against him and that he was arrested by police, detained at Makindye Police Post and later released on police bond.
“Surprised by the defendant’s act of having him arrested, the plaintiff wrote to the defendant formally reminding him of the delivery of the agreements of purchase and proof of ownership and also making an explanation of the foundation on the land,” Mr Sentongo states in his lawsuit.

The petitioner further states that last month, Justice Kavuma without his authorisation, brought workers aboard a UPDF truck with armed UPDF officers to guard them on the land and that they immediately commenced digging up holes in preparation of erecting up a fence.
He adds that Justice Kavuma also placed a signpost reading: ‘There are no plots for sale on this land’.
Through his lawyers of M/s KGN Advocates, Mr Sentongo states that Justice Kavuma’s act of fencing off his land without his authority or consent, constitutes trespass, hence suing him.
“A declaration that the defendant has trespassed on the plaintiff’s land comprised on plots 1257 and 1258 at Makindye, Kizungu zone.” reads in part Mr Sentongo’s suit.

Accordingly, deputy registrar of Land Division, Esther Nambayo, has summoned Justice Kavuma to file his defence to the said lawsuit within 15 days from the date he received the summons before a hearing date can be set.
This is not the only lawsuit that Justice Kavuma is facing. He is separately facing another suit in the Civil Division of the High Court over a totally different matter.
Justice Kavuma is accused of allegedly convening court sessions without notifying both parties thereby denying one of the litigants a right to be heard.

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