Health records assistant in trouble over theft of govt drugsHealth records assistant in trouble over theft of govt drugs


Police in Budaka District have arrested a records assistant attached to Kemeruka Health centre 111 over allegations that he stole government drugs worthy unspecified amount of money.

Bukedi region police spokesperson Sowali Kamulya confirmed the development, saying the suspect is being accused of stealing government drugs, mostly coertem contrary to the standing orders. It’s alleged that the suspect reportedly stole 98 stripes of coertem leading to massive complaints from the health staff.

“Police understands that while the officer was issuing drugs to staff, he could give less and take the rest for yet unknown reasons which police is investigating,” Mr Kamulya said.

He said the suspect being detained at Budaka Central Police Station would be charged with theft, unlawful possession of government stores and abuse of office upon completion of investigations. Mr Kamulya said health staff at the facility have been complaining of being given less coertem only to discover that the records assistant has been defrauding them.
Theft of government drugs across the country remains a common phenomenon and has attracted wide condemnation from the public.

Budaka District has 11 health centre 111s, two health centre 11s and 1 health centre lV. The district has a population of about 220,600 people. The acting district health officer, Mr Sam Wajega, said the health facility has of recent suffered a haul of drugs vanishing from the store that is under the custodianship of the suspect.

“We understand the plight of patients over the increasing theft of drugs but the health department is putting up measures to counter such concerns,” Mr Wajega said.

The district officials will carry out fact finding to establish the magnitude of the problem and ensure errant officers are apprehended.

President Museveni established Medicines and Health Service Delivery Monitoring Unit at State House headed by Dr Diana Atwine to help address the issue of drug theft.

The district chairman, Mr Sam Mulomi, has vowed to crack the whip on all officers trying to sabotage government programmes. For the last month, about five senior civil servants have been arrested for various offences mostly related to procurement, according to Mr Mulomi.

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