Splitting Bushenyi has not helped – Otafiire


Bushenyi. Justice and Constitutional Affairs minister Kahinda Otafiire has blamed the challenges faced by greater Bushenyi district on those who spearheaded the split.
Five districts of Mitooma, Rubirizi, Buhweju, Sheema and Bushenyi were created out of greater Bushenyi in 2010.
Maj Gen Otafiire openly opposed the split saying Bushenyi would develop faster if it remained intact.

Speaking at the belated NRM 31st anniversary celebrations, in Bushenyi where he was, chief guest last Friday, Gen Otafiire said the challenges the districts are facing are consequences of the split. His comments were sparked off by lamentations by the district leaders who told the minister about a cocktail of challenges, including lack of a resident judge and district service commission. “You know I have never believed in splitting up Bushenyi. I refused and now I remember what I told you. When you go to Mitooma, you know what is there. Recently I heard that the chairman was chased away and he ran like Usian Bolt. Here in Bushenyi, I saw your compound which is like a deserted national park,” he noted.

He added: “In Nsiika (Buhweju), it’s as if they have not yet received a district. In Sheema, they have been in religious wars and Rubirizi is also not safe, and I told you. These problems would have been solved if we were one. I saw people struggling to form districts; I looked at them and laughed.”
Gen Otafiire cited China, Brazil, India and Russia which are strong societies because of their big population and unity.
The Bushenyi LC5 chairman, Mr Jaffari Basajjabalaba, and the Resident District Commissioner, Mr Peter Mugisha, asked the minister to give greater Bushenyi districts a resident judge in order to reduce on the case backlog and decongest Nyamushekyera Prison.

“We also have problem of our chief magistrate who has caused mayhem.Police arrest capital offenders and hand them in for prosecution but on the next day they are released,” Mr Basajjabalaba said.
Ankole sub-region largely depends on the High Court in Mbarara that serves more than 10 districts.
However, Gen Otafiire asked the leaders to be patient with the current situation as the Justice ministry investigates the matter.

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