FDC Chief Mobiliser Ingrid Turinawe beaten


The Opposition Forum For Democratic Change (FDC) will present former Member of Parliament for Kaberamaido, Ms Florence Ibi Ekwau as their candidate for the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA).
This after Ms Ibi defeated the party’s chief mobiliser, Ms Ingrid Turinawe by two votes.

In the hotly contested elections which took place at the party’s headquarters in Najjanakumbi, Ms Ibi scored 20 votes followed by Ms Ingrid with 18 votes, Mr.Patrick Baguma came in 3rd place with 7 votes, Mr.Innocent Ayo with 06, Ms Gloria Paga with 05, Mr Herbert Kyambadde with 4, Mr Joseph Tindyebwa with 2 while Herbert Mayemba and Augustine Ojobile of the Jobless brotherhood pressure group polled no vote.

The FDC electoral head, Dan Mugarura said that 69 members of the National Executive Council [NEC] are the ones who voted for the above candidates because they are the only ones eligible to choose candidates to compete for the available slots at the regional parliament.

Automatically, Ms Florence now qualifies to tussle it out with other candidates from Uganda People’s Congress and the ruling NRM for the available 9 slots unless.

Supporters of Ms Florence Ibi Ekwau carry her

Supporters of Ms Florence Ibi Ekwau carry her banner. Photo by Colleb Mugume

Mr Mugarura said that the party conducted their elections much as parliament has not yet communicated to the party how many slots it is going to give them asserting that if parliament gives them initial slots of two, the party will automatically forward Ms Florence and Ingrid but if they are given one, they will forward only Ms Florence.

“We have played our part as the party to elect our Candidate who will represent us in EALA race, so we are going to wait for the final answer from parliament on how many slots we have,” Mr Mugarura said.

He said that the party will then wait for final voting by members of parliament.

The race earlier attracted over 21 aspirants who picked the nomination forms but only 9 people managed to return the forms after having fulfilled the requirements including; A valid party membership card, National ID, nonrefundable 500,000/=, A- level minimum education standard, no criminal record (convicted) and on being mentally sound.

The process kicked off in full gear with the general campaigns where all candidates appeared at the party headquarters with their supporters’ carrying flyers chanting.

The candidates then started campaigning.

Supporters of Ms Ingrid Turinawe carry a banner

Supporters of Ms Ingrid Turinawe carry a banner bearing her picture.

At exactly 1.30 pm, the NEC members started casting their votes up to 4pm when vote counting process commenced and winners announced.
Giving her speech, Ms Florence said the battle is not yet over since she still has a long way to go to compete with other candidate from different parties at the floor of parliament.

She pledged to Harmonies the education curriculum professional standards and university fees for EAC citizens, Regularize consultations with MPs to diversify business and increase their involvement in the legislative process of EALA, Increase awareness and participation of the national parliament in the EAC integration process and vouch for a close liaison with the regional bodies that manage the trans-boundary resources once elected.

Meanwhile, Ms Ingrid partly shared her joy because she is optimistic that FDC will get slots in parliament as opposition’s leading party in parliament.

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