NWSC cuts water supply to police barracks


National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) has disconnected water supply to several police barracks and stations countrywide over non-payment of bills.

Mr Samuel Apedel, the spokesman of NWSC, explained that water supply to the stations and barracks was cut off following instructions from the Finance ministry.
“We cut off the water supply for some police stations.

The Finance ministry told us to put them on prepaid meters and once the money is over, we automatically turn off. But they are negotiation with them to pay a faction and then we reconnect them,” Mr Apedel said.

The disconnection of the water supply followed a notice last week by NWSC director of commercial services and customer care, Mr George Akol, to pay the outstanding bills or water supply be cut off.

Mr Akol issued the same warning to Uganda Peoples Defence Force, Mulago National Referral Hospital and Uganda Prison Services.

NWSC demands about Shs6 billion from police alone.
But senior police officers at Naguru and Nsambya police barracks said they are planning to supply water to their officers using water tankers as they negotiate with NWSC for reconnection of water.

In the city alone, more than 15,000 police families are affected by the water crisis.

At Naguru police barracks, families of police officers have been compelled to fetch water from a well at Stretcher on Nakawa-Ntinda road.

According to the budget paper, police requires Shs22.2 billion for electricity and Shs7.455 billion for water annually.

But police is given Shs11.66 billion for electricity and Shs6.029 billion for water.

Ministry of Finance has proposed that installation of prepaid meters will save police ShsShs2 billion. At least 50 per cent of police units have installed prepaid meters.

Meanwhile, Mulago hospital was give up to Friday this week to clear an outstanding water bill of Shs.1.5 billion lest water supply to the national referral hospital is disconnected.

“We regret to inform you that we are unable to extend another credit worth Shs400,000,000 to the hospital prepaid meters because you have not settled the outstanding credit extended during the last quarter and your outstanding bill has accumulated to Shs.1,525, 420,932,” reads a letter from NWSC to the executive director of Mulago hospital, Dr Baterana Byarugaba.

When contacted on Friday evening, Dr Byarugaba said he was not aware of the ultimatum but said they would forward the bill to government for payment.

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