Police introduces biometric system to register all security guards


Arrangements have been finalised to have all security guards in the private companies registered under a centralised system, in a move to fight crime in the country.

Senior police officers said the police ICT department has developed a biometric system to create a pool of data of new and existing recruits to stop criminal elements moving from one company to another.

Assistant Inspector General of Police (AIGP), Asuman Mugenyi, said that police will provide the software to Association of Private Security Companies to capture information of the personnel and firearms to regulate their business.

“We have had concerns where some guards are involved in criminal activities, companies not paying government revenue and it was difficult to enforce the minimum standards on a single company but the association is going to help police in enforcing the regulations, creating the command and control of the operations of private security,” Mr Mugenyi said.

Under the same arrangement, Mr Mugenyi said guards employed by institutions and companies as individuals will have to undergo a training provided by the association of private security guards.

He made the remarks while representing police chief, Gen Kale Kayihura, at a meeting between the force and the directors of the private security companies.

Describing security as a precursor to development, Mr Mugenyi said there is need to implement standards to enable their companies attract more profits and business.

Capt Mike Mukula convened the meeting which attracted more than 100 company owners and police officers to organise a body that will streamline their operations.
“Private security is an auxiliary arm of the Uganda Police Force created under the laws but if it fails to function or any mistake is done by one person, it would affect the entire business,” Mr Mukula observed.

He said the new (biometric) system will maintain a record for all the people and help classify companies according to their strength in order to enforce minimum standards on the companies. “We have got customers who do not pay and move to another company but the system will help us in order to avoid such fraudsters because they lead to delays in payment of guards, which is dangerous,” Mr Mukula said.

According to Uganda Police records, a total of 160 companies are licensed to provide security services.

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