LC elections to go ahead as Museveni assents to the law


KAMPALA. What was holding the village council elections from being held was President Museveni’s agreement to the law. Now that he has given a nod, preparations are in gear according to Electoral Commission (EC).
The EC says they have started preparing for the roadmap towards conducting the elections after President Museveni assented to the amendments in the Local Government Amendments Bill 2014.
“President Museveni has been studying the bill to ensure the amendments have put into consideration the values of the NRM government,” said the principal press secretary Mr Don Wanyama.
“The President’s task after receiving the bill, was not just to sign it, but to read it thoroughly, before appending his signature, that explains why it took long but he has done it and we expect the EC to start its work,” Mr Wanyama said.
The EC secretary Mr Sam Rwakojo said the amendments are intended to facilitate the holding of elections for administrative units across the country in a more effective manner.
EC made several amendments to the Local Government Elections Act. These include sending a text voters’ register to political parties, instead of the photo and text register, as it is in the existing law.
The other amendment allows the EC to set up tribunals of five members at parish level to address electoral concerns instead of involving every voter at the village.
Mr Rwakoojo said under the new law, EC has already made the guidelines, a programme and every requirement for the elections.
“We are set for it, the only thing delaying us now is the release of the Shs16billion to facilitate the exercise,” said Mr Rwakojo.
He described the various campaigns that have started taking place in the villages as illegal and warned that those involved risk being thrown out of the race.

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