MP Lyomoki faces ejection from trade union


Kampala. A group of trade unionists are plotting a move to recall COFTU secretary general and workers Member of Parliament Sam Lyomoki over accusations of destabilising the trade union movement.
COFTU is Mr Lyomoki’s brain child.
Mr Aggrey Sanya, the former deputy secretary general of COFTU, and one of the architects of calls for Mr Lyomoki’s exit, says Mr Lyomoki does not work in the interest of the trade union.
“When COFTU was formed with Mr Lyomoki as the secretary general, we thought we had got a liberator for the Uganda trade union movement. Little did we know that he (Lyomoki) was a self-seeker,” he said.
Mr Sanya explained that MP Lyomoki was part of a retreat in Kisumu, Kenya in December 2016 that resolved to merge NOTU and COFTU. However, he said, Mr Lyomoki jumped out of the process after realising that the new constitution did not have provision of a workers MP on the new executive board.
“The merger was agreed by both parties earlier last year and signed a memorandum of understanding but we were surprised when he turned around demanding a grace period of five years or be compensated as founder of COFTU,” Mr Sanya said.
On Saturday, the top organ of Uganda Medical Workers Union (UMWU), the National Executive Committee met at Eureka Hotel in Ntinda and resolved to replace Mr Lyomoki. The day-long meeting also resolved that UMWU de-affiliates from COFTU and joins NOTU with immediate effect.
Mr Sanya was subsequently elected as the acting general secretary of UMWU.
Mr Lyomoki however insists he is still in charge. “All those statements and allegations are malicious. I am still the general secretary of Uganda Medical Workers Union,” he said, adding: “We shall arrest those mad people. A few people can’t decide for more than 30,000 members and 500 delegates.”

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