Pallisa District boss threatens to sack head teachers


PALLISA. Incompetent head teachers who fail to register pupils in Division One in this year’s Primary Leaving Examinations (PLE) will be either sacked or demoted, the Pallisa District chairman, Mr John Okurut, has warned.
“The poor academic performance in the district is a result of frequent absenteeism of teachers from schools and head teachers as supervisors are to take the blame” Mr Okurut said.
He said the quality of education in the district has continued to decline and blamed it on the teachers.
“Lack of commitment and attitude of teachers has greatly contributed to the deteriorating standard of education,” he said.
Mr Okurut said the district will demote any head teacher (s) who fails to get students in Division One. He noted that from the 9,164 pupils who registered for 2016 PLE, only 205 passed in Division One.
“This is regrettable and we cannot just sit and watch as some of these teachers are playing about with people’s children,” Mr Okurut said.
Pallisa District has 107 government-aided primary schools with 1,471 teachers. Recently, the district carried out massive transfers of 102 primary teachers in a bid to improve academic performance.
Mr Okurut wondered why private schools with no structures, no qualified teachers continue to perform better than government-aided schools despite government sinking billions of shillings in the latter.
“We are also aware that several schools have enormous challenges but this shouldn’t be used as a scapegoat to perform poorly,” Mr Okurut said.
He also observed that some teachers report for duty twice a week and even then, they come late and leave very early.
“This is totally unacceptable and cannot be tolerated. It is a disguised form of corruption,” Mr Okurut said.
He said head teachers are expected to enforce discipline among the teachers, including the requirement to report for duty on time and attend to school work with a high level of dedication because government is spending large sums of money under the UPE programme.
The district education officer, Mr John Francis Okuma, said the district made transfers of 102 primary teachers purposely to improve academic performance.
“This is, therefore, to draw your attention to the fact that indiscipline in your schools manifested in dubious acts such as absenteeism and moonlighting will not be tolerated any more this year 2017,” Mr Okuma warned.

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