Kezaala, Nakiwala face disciplinary action over Museveni appointment


Democratic Party National Executive Committee (NEC) has resolved to summon members who accepted government positions.

Last year President Yoweri Museveni appointed DP senior member, Ms. Florence Nakiwala Kiyingi as Minister for Youth and Children Affairs in his new cabinet, which left some of the DP member undefined.
Again last week, Mr. Muhammad Baswale Kezaala, resigned from DP position as National Chairman following his appointment as an ambassador by President Museveni.

“This being a civil service job which naturally should not require being partisan and given the fact that I may not be available all the time to serve my party effectively as the National Chairman, I thought it fit that I tender in my resignation,” Mr Kezaala said.
Addressing journalists at their weekly press conference in Kampala yesterday, Acting DP Secretary General, Mr. Gerald Siranda said that, many members are indisciplined in the sense that they act in contempt of decision taken by organs of the party and engage in unwarranted attacks on party leaders.

“The NEC resolved that certain members would be subjected to disciplinary proceedings within the party constitution including those who have accepted government positions which divide their loyalty,”Mr Siranda said.

He added that in order to stop the persistent habit of members viewing their membership as a revolving door where they conduct themselves contrary to party constitution, NEC asked its management committee to prepare draft code of conduct for members and leaders.

“This code of conduct will elaborate the provision of the party constitution because their conduct undermines the reputation of the party,” Mr. Siranda said.

Mr. Siranda said they are going to summon them officially, and they will be given an opportunity to explain themselves before making decisions because they (DP) do not want to be blamed in future.
“If they fail to explain themselves or appearing before the disciplinary committee it’s the NEC meeting to make decision and this will also include expulsion from the party because you cannot serve two masters at ago,” Mr. Siranda said.

Mr. Kezaala, talking to daily monitor yesterday in a telephone interview said that they have not yet communicated to him officially about the disciplinary summons.

“They must be having reason for summoning us and whatever decision they take it’s up to them (custodians of the party) because my intension is not to cause problems in the party,”Mr Kezaala said.

However last week DP President Mr Norbert Mao said they have accepted Mr Kezaala’s resignation “with deep regret” and appointed the deputy national chairman, Mr Kiwanuka Mayambala, to take over the position until further notice.

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