UYD Endorses Mukasa Mbidde for EALA seat


Members of Uganda Young Democrats (UYD), the youth wing of the Democratic Party have openly declared their support for the party vice president Mr Fred Mukasa Mbidde as a sole candidate for the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA).
The youth endorsement follows the party’s National Executive Committee (NEC) which recently endorsed the incumbent, Mr Mbidde following December 9, 2016 resolution that was made by NEC at Pope Paul Hotel where they decided that he would retain the seat unchallenged.

Addressing journalists on Wednesday, the UYD Chairperson Christopher Okidi: “Democratic Party’s NEC in its absolute discretion in Article 69(b) of the party’s constitution recently endorsed Mr Mukasa Mbidde, the incumbent which is ok for institutional memory considering that majority of the EALA MPs from Uganda are excluded from running again.”
Mr Okidi said Mr Mbidde was nurtured by the UYD during his youth time and now is the party vice president thus he has proven to be fit for the EALA seat.
Okidi also lashed at some members for reportedly trying to promote hate campaign against Mbidde for attending the January 26, 2017 National Resistance Movement (NRM) Liberation Day celebrations in Masindi District.

“As UYD top leadership, we disassociate ourselves from such statements. UYD is national in character and we shall not be reduced to anyone’s parochial picture,” he added.
Mr Okidi defended Mr Mbidde’s move saying that he is a shrewd leader with good strategy and understands that in order to win; one must attain the support of the majority thus the ongoing reproach being uncalled for.
“Remember NRM has the majority Members of Parliament that if you have to win, you must endear yourself to them,” added Okidi.
While addressing journalists last week at NEC meeting Mukasa Mbidde thanked the NEC members who voted him and promised quality and good work while at EALA.

“At least most of the party members know that I am a performer and that’s why they have nominated me as their one candidate, however others are accusing me for attending NRM liberation day and my answer is that I had gone to look for votes from the NRM circles. I went there on merit as a vice president of the party and as a candidate of EALA so, I don’t want people to accuse me but to understand why I attended that ceremony,” he said.
Mr Mbidde added that even president Museveni confirmed to Ugandans that “I am a hardworking person. So, all those good comments from the chairman of the NRM were my votes from party. It is very bad for the party members to accuse me for this yet we were many people from the opposition who attended the liberation day.”

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