Kagina cautions staff on new road equipment


Mpigi: The executive director of Uganda National Roads Authority (Unra), Ms Allen Kagina, has warned staff against misusing the newly acquired road equipment, saying proper use of tools is one way of safeguarding a job.
“Unveiling these new trucks is yet another initiative that reflects a reformed institution. When you get things and no replacement is made that means the organisation is dying. When you see this new road equipment, then it shows a sense of newness and life in Unra. You should take care of them to secure your jobs,” she said.
She added: “The essence of equipping our organisation is to ensure those recruited have tools to execute their roles.”
Ms Kagina was commissioning a fleet of 40 new tipper trucks at Mpigi Unra regional station on Wednesday.
She said another 68 trucks will soon be procured to ensure a “motorable road network.” The trucks, according to Ms Kagina, will be sent out to 23 Unra stations across the country.
According to Mr Allan Ssempebwa, the Unra media relations manager, each truck cost tax payers $65,000 (about Shs265m), taxes inclusive.
He added: “the total cost of the 40 trucks is $2.6millions (about Shs.10.6 billion) taxes inclusive.
“They will be used for dumping of murram on roads, transporting culverts, aggregates, hard core stones and other road materials, transporting asphalt, road signs and ferrying firewood for preparation of asphalt,” he added.
He also said capacity of each truck is 15 tonnes, which is twice the capacity of the old ones Unra has been using. “They have a self-air inflating system and a decker in the cabin with one bed hence providing an in-built accommodation for the driver and his turn-boy,” he said.
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