Woman, nurse arrested over missing baby


Police in Jinja District have arrested two people in connection with the disappearance of a baby boy at Jinja Regional Referral Hospital on Wednesday evening.

The five-day-old premature baby was receiving treatment at the health facility’s special care unit.
Mr Jamada Wandera, the district police commander, confirmed the arrests.

“It is true. We have two suspects in our custody over the theft of a baby from Jinja Regional Referral Hospital,” Mr Wandera said.
Mr Wandera named the nurse on duty when the baby was discovered missing as Ms Rose Sului while the suspect was identified as Ms Harriet Jalya of Walukuba in Jinja Municipality.

The mother of the missing baby, Ms Zaina Magomu of Mpumudde –Kimaka Divison in Jinja, has remained in shock.

Dr Sophie Namasopo, the director, said: “The mother of the child never had an attendant to monitor the baby since she came alone to the hospital. She had visited the loos but by the time she returned, she found her baby missing from the facility; attracting security attention.”

She added that the special care unit, the hospital security department, and the police are collaborating to ensure the suspects are apprehended and the baby found.

She lamented the understaffing in the unit by only one nurse attending to nearly 13 premature babies. She said the hospital is to install CCTV cameras in sensitive areas within the hospital premises.

But Dr Namasopo said laxity in the hospital was influenced by some politicians who come or send people to the hospital at any time they wish without observing the specified visiting hours of seeing patients.

Missing baby
The five-day-old missing baby, who was born prematurely was receiving treatment at Jinja Regional Referral Hospital [special care unit].

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