Convention on quest for reforms in Uganda opens in The Netherlands


Kampala. Ugandans in the diaspora pushing for “legitimate and peaceful change of governance in Uganda” meet tomorrow for a three-day convention to discuss among other things reforms and a peaceful transition of power in the country.
“The convention aims at arriving at a consensus on the roadmap for a united, decisive constitutional reform, electoral reforms, and a historic peaceful transition of power in Uganda,” organisers, Diaspora P10 said in a statement.
Diaspora P10 is an offshoot of Dr Kizza Besigye and Forum for Democratic Change’s Power 10 formed before the 2016 general elections to bring their supporters together to fight for their power is a “democratic, nonpartisan, non-profit making association and pressure group comprised of Ugandans residents abroad and a major stakeholder in the social, political and economic development of Uganda.”

During the elections, each 10 supporters would come together and register their names on a duplicate card. One copy would go to the party and the group would retain another. The group had a parish coordinator for all the groups. The leader of each power 10 was supposed to ensure members go to vote and keep at the polling station. Government outlawed it and termed the structure a militia with plans to “distabilise” the “peace” in the country.
The convention will run under the theme: “Building a culture of tolerance and inclusion through democracy in Uganda: Political participation governance, rule of law, accountability, and human rights”.

Both the opposition and the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) are expected to be represented as well as activists from Uganda and around world.
Opposition leader Dr Kizza Besigye who is expected to address the convention is already in Brussels, Belgium where he is visiting and holding discussions with officials from European Union Institutions ahead of his arrival at the convention opening tomorrow.
Dr Besigye has since the end of the February 18 presidential polls spoken at different diaspora gatherings and international associations. After his release from prison last year, he was in the United States of America, where he spoke at the New York City Bar Association in New York and the Ugandan North America Association convention in Boston. He also spoke at the FDC UK Chapter organised event and at the influential London think tank, Chatham House.

Organisers also say they have invited MPs, representatives from Uganda’s judicial system, Civic Society Organizations (CSOs), Religious Leaders, and Cultural Leaders.
These will be according to organisers joined by distinguished international, local and diaspora based pro-democracy and pro-human rights intelligentsia as well as a representatives from International Criminal Court (ICC) European Union (EU), the Dutch government and Uganda’s strategic development partners.
At the convention, there will be a special screening of an award winning documentary, ‘A Brilliant Genocide’—a 2016 documentary film about the more than 20 year long war in Northern Uganda that left hundreds of thousands dead and millions displaced.

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