District team shocked by sorry state of govt schools


Kasese District chairperson Sibendire Bigogo has decried the sorry state of various government primary schools, especially in the hard-to-reach areas in the district.

Several government schools have poor learning conditions since they operate in dilapidated structures, which expose pupils’ lives.

During a recent visit to Kanyangwanji Primary School in Bwesumbu Sub-county, Busongora North by the district team led by Mr Bigogo, it was found that the classrooms don’t have windows putting pupils at the risk of wind and rain.

The situation was not different from several other schools where pupils were found seated on bare ground and others on heaps of dust in congested classrooms. The team was also appalled by the poor attendance of teachers that they said has greatly affected the schools’ performance in the district.

At Nyakanengo and Kanyangwanji primary schools, the team found only two teachers who attend to the seven classes every day.
The leaders noted that most teachers report on duty as they wish and leaders in the community have little say since many of their children go to better private schools.

“Head teachers are to be demoted since they don’t take serious supervision of the schools yet its teachers who have to promote good results for the school,” Mr Sibendire said.

“We are killing our own schools. How can a teacher make an excuse of rain yet government built staff quarters and are not being utilised? Then as a head teacher, you register such a compliant on the attendance register…. others sign two times for the next day when she or he will not work.”

However, Mr Ronald Bwambale, a teacher at Nyakanengo Primary School, said government has neglected schools in hard-to-reach areas.

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