Apac committee member fails to write her name


APAC. A school management committee member stunned an activist when she failed to write her name during a stakeholders’ meeting at Omodi Hotel in Apac Town on Wednesday.
Ms Betty Akullo, 49, was asked to register before participating in the district dialogue organised by the Apac Anti-Corruption Coalition (TAACC) for key stakeholders to discuss issues affecting education standards in the area.
When Ms Akullo was given a registration list by TAACC’s project officer, Ms Loy Tino, she could easily pronounce her name but she failed to spell the name.
“In fact, I did not understand the letters she wrote on the registration paper. Even if it was one word, you could not know what the name is. So I asked her to pronounce her name and she told me she is Betty Akullo,” Ms Tino said.
When contacted, Ms Akullo, a management committee member at Akuli Primary School in Apac Sub-county, admitted that she cannot write and read but was elected by the community this year to represent them.
“My parents did not allow me to go to school. I have nine children of whom three are at school in P.7, P.5 and P.3,” she said.
The meeting was, however, conducted in Luo, the local language, to give members opportunity to express themselves freely because many cannot write and read. This prompted the Apac senior education officer, Mr Andrew Munu, to also use Luo throughout the meeting.
School management committees are legitimate bodies provided for in Uganda’s Education Act.
With a maximum composition of 12 members, the committees are supposed to oversee management and also represent the local community and parents’ interests in the school.
They supervise the head teacher and monitor the day-to-day running of the school.
According to a recent community scorecard, social accountability tool conducted at Akuli Primary School, school leaders are incapable of supervising the head teacher to ensure quality education.

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