Judiciary dismisses Kanyamunyu brothers’ release claims


KAMPALA. The judiciary has dismissed reports that Kanyamunyu brothers who are facing murder charges of a child rights activist, Kenneth Akena have been released on bail.
On Friday morning, a section of the media reported that Mr Matthew Kanyamunyu, his girlfriend Ms Cynthia Munwangari and his elder brother Joseph Kanyamunyu who are currently on remand in Luzira prison had secured bail.

However, when contacted, the Judiciary senior communications officer, Mr Solomon Muyita said that there was no bail application heard concerning the suspects.
“There has not been any application that has been heard in court. The three filed their bail application differently but they will appear before the same judge, Justice Yasin Nyanzi on March 28,” Mr Muyita said in a telephone interview today morning.
The Kanyamunyu brothers applied for bail for the second time after being denied by Justice Elizabeth Kabanda due to failure to adduce exceptional circumstances like ill health, advanced age to warrant their release on bail.

In support of their bail application, both Matthew and Munwangari insist that they did not murder Akena but acted as good Samaritans who assisted him to hospital after he had been shot an unknown assailant.
The accused persons list several grounds in support of their release on bail. Some of these grounds include; have a fixed place of residence at Royal Palms Estate in Nakawa Division and committed to attend court at all times as and when required upon being granted bail.
Also in support of his bail application, Joseph Kanyamunyu states that he is married with five children aged between five and 15 and has many dependents to support.

It’s the prosecution’s case that Matthew on the fateful day November 12 last year, shot at Akena for having scratched the rear of his car in the parking at Lugogo near Kampala.
The shooting was allegedly done after Akena left his car and came to apologise to Matthew and possibly make good but he instead lowered his car windows and shot at him and died the following day while at Norvick hospital located along Bombo Road.
While rejecting to the release of the accused persons on bail in January, presiding judge Kabanda advised them to give it another try should the state take longer to have them committed to the High Court for trial.

But the state has since committed the Kanyamunyus to the High Court to stand trial though their case is pending fixing in a convenient criminal session.
Prosecution states that the three suspects on November 12 while on Kampala-Jinja Road near Malik Car Bond, opposite Uganda Manufacturers Association offices in Lugogo in Nakawa with malice aforethought caused Akena’s death.

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