Did AIGP Kaweesi have political ambitions?


Several voters and politicians in Kyazanga and Ndaggwe Sub-county claim that the slain Uganda Police Spokesperson, AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi, had declared intentions to contest for Bukoto West in Lwengo District in 2021.
Mr Abdul Kitatta, the current Member of Parliament for Bukoto West Constituency announced during the 2016 general elections that he would not seek re-election. But there are reports that his son Ibrahim Kitatta is tipped to take over from his father. However, Kitatta has not yet confirmed these reports.
Several residents and opinion leaders claim that Kaweesi has been laying a strong political foundation to contest for Bukoto West parliamentary seat in 2021.

Until 2008, Kitwekyanjovu village in Lwengo District was one of those unknown remote rural areas without basic services such as water, schools, electricity, and road network among other thing.
Kitwekyanjovu is located about three kilometres North East of Kyazanga town Council located in Lwengo District.
The village according to residents did not have most of the basic services until Kaweesi built his country home there.
Kaweesi constructed a magnificent bungalow in the area which is regarded the most beautiful in the entire Kitwekyanjovu parish, according to Mr Ali Bbale, a resident in the area.

Kaweesi's upcountry home in Lwengo. Courtesy

Kaweesi’s upcountry home in Lwengo. Courtesy photo

Mr Bbale says after construction of his magnificent house in 2008, Kaweesi lobbied for the extension of the power line which covered the entire parish.
Kaweesi also constructed water sources as well as the Kitwekyanjovu road to ensure accessibility to his home.
Mr Bbale notes that the area had no road until Kaweesi hired contractors that opened up the road. He believes Kaweesi did this because he had ambitions to contest in the next general elections.
Mr Yunus Muganzi, the Lwengo District NRM mobiliser says Kaweesi had named him and Vincent Kayitana, a renowned NRM diehard in Lwengo as his head political strategists. He says Kaweesi had told them to start mobilizing support for him.

Mr Muganzi also claims that Kaweesi had planned to retire from police to contest for parliamentary seat and that they had moved entire constituency drumming up support for him.
Majority of the people Uganda this reporter interviewed confirm that Kaweesi had been mobilizing services for them because he had interests to contest in 2021.

The car in which AIGP Kaweesi, his bodyguard

The car in which AIGP Kaweesi, his bodyguard and driver were killed. Photo by Michael Kakumirizi

Mr Vincent Kayitana, who was said to be Kaweesi’s political strategist declined to comment on this matter.
The road which passes through Kitwekyanjovu swamp is flooded after flash floods destroyed culverts installed around to control the water flow.
Thie reporter found residents and policemen carrying out community service to fix the destroyed small bridge. Police officers and ordinary residents removed the destroyed clogged culvert to replace it with new one. There was no engineer on the sight.

Residents say they have to fix it and put culverts to redirect water into Lake Kiyanja in Kyazanga so that mourners access the place where Kaweesi will be buried.
George Mutabaazi,the Lwengo LCV Chairman says they are re-fixing the road because the onset rain has devastated it.
Mr Mutabaazi however says he was not aware the slain Police spokesperson had political ambitions, although he’s quick to note that Kaweesi had done extraordinary things such as provision of two water dams in every parish in Bukoto West which has reduced water crisis in the area.
Kaweesi’s ambitions were suddenly brought to a halt by unknown gunmen who shot and killed him alongside his body guard and driver at Kulambiro near his home in Kampala on Friday morning. The motive of his killers is yet to be known.

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