Kaweesi’s murder: Bodyguard died trying to shield his boss from bullets


Corporal Kenneth Erau, the bodyguard of the assassinated police spokesman AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi was killed shielding his boss from the multiple bullets that were being fired at the vehicle in which they were traveling.

Corporal Erau was shot together with Kaweesi and driver Godfrey Mambewo by unknown gunmen on Friday. The three were attacked as they drove from Kaweesi’s home in Kulambiro, a suburb of Kampala. They died instantly.

Erau, who was under the Counter Terrorism Directorate was found in the car between the front co-driver seat and the back seat where his boss was seated having been shot several bullets.

The preliminary scene of crime report indicates that Erau moved from the co-driver’s seat, shoved Kaweesi behind the driver’s seat and covered him with his body. His hand was also found on his pistol indicating an attempt to shoot back at the attackers.

Erau, has been Kaweesi’s bodyguard since 2011 when he was deployed at Kampala Metropolitan Police as the commandant. He was one of the few well trained bodyguards in the country having undergone training in Turkey, Israel and within Uganda.

He was also among the trainees of the recently concluded Counter terrorism training in Nakasongola and Olilim. He joined Police in 2009 under the training of Kaweesi and once deployed under counter-terrorism, his trainer and boss handpicked him as his bodyguard.

His body was last evening taken to his ancestral home in Ochocia village, Orungo Sub County in Amuria district where he will be buried.

Scene of crime officers combing for evidence

Scene of crime officers combing for evidence near the car in which AIGP Kaweesi , his bodyguard and driver were killed on Friday. Photo by Michael Kakumirizi

Relatives call for justice

Erau’s relatives have asked for justice and support from the government.
News of his death paralyzed his ancestral home in Ochocia village, Orungo Sub County in Amuria District. Relatives and friends have been flocking the home to convey their condolences. He was the first born in a family of 13 children and the only child in gainful employment.
He has been the sole bread winner for the family since the death of his father John Micheal Osonge, less than a month ago.
Mr Bernard Okello, the head of Irarak Clan, from which Erau hails, called for government support to sustain the family.
Mr Okello says Erau had responsibility for his 12 siblings and his father’s two widows.

Okello asked government to leave no stone un-turned in the search for justice. Mr Peter Enyou, the LCIII chairperson of Orungo Sub County in Amuria District also urged government to compensate the family since their son was killed in the line of duty.
Enyou equally demanded government to tighten the security and intelligence in the country. He says several government dignitaries and others personnel have lost lives over the years in similar circumstances.
SP Richard Eringu, the Amuria District Police Commander says police authorities are in touch with the bereaved family to plan for Erau’s burial.

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