Killers shattered Erau’s dream of making a family


AMURIA- Kenneth Erau, barely a month ago, buried his father and was appointed heir to the family’s estate. As heir he declared his commitment to shoulder the heavy responsibility of being head of the family. The bereaved family felt relieved. Unfortunately this relief was so short- lived.

Erau’s life ended last Friday when gunmen rained bullets on the vehicle of his boss Assistant Inspector General of Police Andrew Felix Kaweesi and colleague Godfrey Wambewo in one of the most gruesome and daring broad-daylight attacks in the country’s memorable history.

Erau, aged 32, was born to the late John Michael Osonge and mother Judith Arakit in 1985.
He barely knew much about his family relatives back in Orungo village, Amuria District as he was born in Jinja and spent his childhood and a bigger part of his adult life there.

His father worked with Nytil textile factory in Jinja. His first time to visit his ancestral village Orungo was when he went to bury his father about a month ago.
Upon being appointed heir, Erau who died at the rank of corporal, is quoted to have assured his relatives that he would be regularly visiting his ancestral home thereafter.

Erau followed the footsteps of his late grandfather Christopher Erau, who was bodyguard of former president Milton Obote. His step-grandfather John Micheal Okello believes Erau’s grandfather’s career in the forces could have influenced him to join he Uganda Police.

Kenneth Erau who was killed along with his boss Assistant Ins

Kenneth Erau who was killed along with his boss Assistant Inspector General of Police Andrew Felix Kaweesi last Friday. FILE PHOTO

Mzee Okello said Erau was the second born of his father’s polygamous family of 11, nine of whom were born by his two step-mothers. His mother and the step-mothers are all alive.

Okello recounted that on February 25 this year, Erau accepted the traditional initiation ceremony he was taken through and pledged to marry according to tradition and play his role as heir.

The heartless killers did not allow him fulfill his dream of making a family and executing his mandate as heir to his late father. Erau died without a wife.
“From childhood he exercised a lot of restraint in everything that he did, he never engaged in grudges. I can attest to that,” Mzee Okello said of Erau.

Ms Grace Abulo, one of Erau’s aunts, described Erau as God-loving.

Erau attended Buloba Primary School in Jinja and later joined St Peters Secondary School for his Ordinary and Advanced level education.
When Erau joined the Uganda Police he was taken to Masindi training school where he passed out as a cadet officer.

Because of his outstanding performance in training, he was retained as one of the instructors at the police training school.

Upon being appointed bodyguard to his deceased AIGP Kaweesi, he was promoted to the rank of corporal, a rank he carried until his demise last Friday.
Erau was laid to rest yesterday at their ancestral home in Orungo, Amuria where the remains of his father are interred.

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