Police officers face probe over corruption


KOTIDO. A sub-committee comprising intelligence officers has been instituted to investigate the alleged police corruption in Kotido District.
The committee chaired by the Kotido Resident District Commissioner (RDC), Mr Peter Logiro, was established recently to probe the reported corruption involving dozens of law enforcement officers.
The committee is also expected to assess the police’s relationship with well thought-out crime, with attention on the alleged infiltration of forces by criminal networks.

Mr Logiro acknowledged that the committee has been established to investigate the matter, saying “recently there was a case where our law enforcement personnel went on an extortion spree of traders and it has come to my attention.’
“We have sat as a district security committee; we have constituted a subcommittee made up of intelligence people to compile evidence and in a week’s time, we are going to summon uniform officers whom the evidence will point to, with the possibility of even calling for support from the centre,” he said last week.
Briefing the state minister for Karamoja Affairs, Mr Moses Kizige, on corruption situation in the district, Mr Logiro said the committee will ensure that the corrupt law enforcement officers are brought to book.

“If need be, they will be picked and I am the chairman of that committee. We will try them and if necessary, we shall call the centre to come and pick them,” Mr Logiro added.
In a related development, the Abim RDC, Mr Samuel Mpimbaza Hashaka, told the minister that they lost many corruption cases because their efforts were being frustrated at the offices of Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) in the region.
“The other day, we got somebody who put rotten pipes in a borehole and I want you honourable minister to listen to this. We have now about 10 files on corruption [opened] in the district and the investigations are being frustrated by the office of the DPP. And in this case we have DPP offices in Soroti and Kotido,” he said.
Mr Mpimbaza said a file on corruption at Oreta Health Centre disappeared soon after it was called by the DPP’s office about a year ago.

“We discovered rotten pipes in a borehole, we opened a police file but now the DPP’s offices in Kotido and Soroti were all fighting for this file because there is money involved,” he added.
Mr Kizige said he would make a follow up on the issues.
The functions of the RDC are: to monitor the implementation of central and local government services in the district, act as chairperson of the district security committee of the district; and to carry out such other functions as may be assigned by the President or prescribed by Parliament.

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