DP blocks Nambooze’s planned Buganda meeting


KAMPALA -The Democratic Party has vowed to block a meeting organised by the Mukono Municipality MP, also DP vice president for Central Buganda, Ms Betty Nambooze, slated for 30 March at Nsambya Sharing Hall.

The party’s decision came hardly after a letter was published on social media informing DP President  Norbert Mao about a purported conference for Buganda Region.

More than 70 per cent of the party’s top leaders are from Buganda.

Mr Mao’s statement that was read by the party deputy spokesperson Alex Mufumbira stated that according to the party Constitution, Ms Nambooze did not follow the party Constitution Article 27(a) while  organising for the Buganda meeting .

“Nambooze’s purported meeting is being convened contrary to the Constitution and a standing resolution of the National Executive Committee (NEC) which requires regional leaders to coordinate their programmes with the NEC and get prior approval for such activities,”Mr Mao said.

The party Constitution Article 27(a) requires the president as chief executive to ensure that the other executive officers of the party perform their respective duties efficiently and properly in accordance with the Constitution and policies of the party.

He said that while other regions have submitted plans for their activities to NEC, Buganda Region which Ms Nambooze leads has not done so and they still expect her to submit a regional work plan for approval and support.

“In the meantime, any activity she spearheads as regional vice president will be  deemed illegal in terms of the party Constitution and NEC resolution and we ask Ms Nambooze to call off the planned conference in the spirit of team work,” Mr Mao said.

Mr Mao added that the special organ, region, branches and sub-branches are the tributaries of the party and should thus be one of the symbiosis and not antagonism.

“Despite the high office Ms Nambooze holds, she has focused not on uniting the party but rather hate mongering, sectarian mobilisation and clique formation,” Mr Mao said.

He added that Ms Nambooze has insisted on creating a false dichotomy in the party by claiming that we have a good DP and a bad DP.

Efforts to get a response from  Ms Nambooze were futile since she failed to pick her mobile phone calls.

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