Three arrested over Kaweesi murder


Police have arrested three suspects in the murder of Police Spokesman Andrew Felix Kaweesi who was gunned down with his bodyguard and driver last week.

The Inspector General of Police, Gen Kale Kayihura, told mourners during the burial of the remains of Kaweesi yesterday that one suspect had been intercepted trying to cross the border into the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The police Flying Squad operatives had earlier arrested two suspects, both Muslims linked to Nakasero Mosque in Kampala. At around lunch time yesterday, another was arrested in western Uganda as he attempted to cross the border into DR Congo.

“As we talk now there are people who have been arrested. One was intercepted as he was escaping to Democratic Republic of Congo,” Gen Kayihura said, during the burial at the late Kaweesi’s home in Kitwekyanjovu village in Kyazanga Sub-county, Lwengo District.

The suspected killers were driven to the Flying Squad headquarters at Nalufenya Police Station in Jinja District. Their identities were not readily established.

The late Kaweesi was killed together with his bodyguard Kenneth Erau and driver Godfrey Wambewo by gunmen moving on motorcycles, a short distance from his residence in the city suburb of Kulambiro last Friday.

When contacted last evening, infuriated Nakasero Mosque leaders and Muslims reacted with consternation and accused the police authorities of playing politics and tarnishing their religion. The Muslim leaders challenged those claiming that they arrested two men linked to any of their mosques in Kampala to produce evidence.

Mr Siraje Kifamba, the spokesperson of Nakasero Mosque, last evening said he was not aware of any person arrested by police from Nakaseo Mosque.

“I am not aware of anyone arrested from Nakasero Mosque not even from the William Street Mosque,” Mr Kifamba said. “We are not aware of the arrests police is talking about.. may be ask the people who gave you that information to give you evidence of the arrests,” he added.

Gen Kayihura said police obtained a footage from a nearby supermarket near the scene of crime in Kulambiro showing three killers, who participated in the shooting, riding motorcycles but said their identities were still being scrutinised.

“Kayihura doesn’t sleep. We are not sleeping. Security agencies aren’t sleeping. Instead of discouraging messages, you should be like fighters and use this opportunity to fight on,” Kayihura told the mourners.
The minister of Internal Affairs, Gen Jeje Odongo, praised the late Kaweesi as a professional and hardworking police officer.

Gen Katumba Wamala, the minister of Works and former Chief of Defence Forces, who recruited Kaweesi into the police in 2001, said his killing should teach the men and women in uniform that they are as vulnerable as civilians.

“We are human beings in the first place, and we belong to the population. You have seen how the population has responded since the incident happened. We belong to the people. This must be a reminder that our strength is in the people,” Gen Wamala said.

The widow, Annet Kaweesi, said she was at a loss on what she will tell her children when they grow up because currently they don’t know what happened to their father.

She is expected to undergo a Caesarean today. Bishop of Masaka Diocese, John Baptist Kaggwa, said Kaweesi was a hero in Lwengo.

“Last year, I was with him during a confirmation ceremony. He urged children to study and parents to pay fees for their children. Kaweesi was not rich to give out money, but the richness God gave him was to befriend different people regardless of his bank account,” Bishop Kaggwa eulogised.

He said Kaweesi encouraged parents to educate their children.

“He saw this place was lagging behind. He decided to uplift it through education. He bought land and partnered with his friends and the school exists,” the bishop said of Kaweesi.

He added: “Kaweesi was a security officer but he did not distance himself from the ordinary people. He constructed roads and ponds for irrigation and animal water.”

Bishop Kaggwa also praised the late Kaweesi for partnering with friends to bring electricity to the area for development.

“He was an example of Christ who washed his disciples’ feet but asked them to do what he had done. He was an example. He had responsibility and would be forgiven if he never showed up for events,” Bishop Kaggwa said.
He added: “Kaweesi would play with his children; you politicians, do you have time for your children?”

“As we talk now, there are people who have been arrested. One was intercepted as he was escaping to the Democratic Republic of Congo.” Gen Kale KAyihura, Police boss.

“The fallen Andrew Kaweesi will be remembered as a humble and calm man who served his country with zeal. He never let his profession to interfere with his humanity.” Col. Felix Kulayigye, the UPDF representative in parliament

“I am not aware of anyone arrested from Nakasero Mosque not even William Street Mosque.” Mr Siraje Kifamba, the Spokesperson of Nakasero Mosque.

“The deceased loved his home district. When he got some money, he decided to invest it in his home district.”
Ms Winnie Ssozi, the headteacher Kitooro Hill View in Kyazanga town.

“Kaweesi has been an inspiration to many of us as he came from a humble background and rose to the top.”
Mr Rajab Kyebambe, a crime preventer.

Reported by Gertrude Mutyaba, Christopher Kisekka, Al-Madhi Ssenkabirwa, Joseph Kato & Andrew Bagala

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