Woman threatens to block Kaguta road over compensation


A businesswoman in Lukaya Town Council has threatened to block a community road named after President Museveni over delayed compensation.

Ms Sarah Babirye claims the authorities illegally designed a road which passes through her private property and despite her dragging them to court, which recently ruled in her favour, no compensation has been made yet.

“The road passes through my land. They destroyed my property and I dragged them to court.” Ms Babirye said, during an interview on Monday.

“Court has since pronounced itself on the matter and ordered that they compensate me, but nothing has been done,” she added.

Ms Babirye said Masaka High Court awarded her Shs63 million with a 10 per cent interest if the town council delays to pay her. Recently, Lukaya Town Council passed a resolution to stop the road construction, saying council has no money to compensate Ms Babirye.

However, the town clerk, Ms Aisha Kitenda, opposed this move, saying it is illegal to block a community road.
“It is illegal to close a community road. We need to negotiate with Ms Babirye,” Ms Kitenda said.

Ms Kitenda also said her predecessors could have settled Ms Babirye’s issue after receiving the statutory notice before the matter went to court, which was not done.

During a recent council sitting, a section of councillors blamed town council technocrats for opening up the road before agreeing with land lords in the area which is likely to cost council huge sums of money in compensation.

Some councillors suggested suing the former town engineer, town clerk and chairperson so that they are held accountable for the loss incurred.

However, Mr Sulaiman Bukenya, a councillor representing people with disabilities who was a member of council then, said the road was opened in 2009 after all residents had been consulted, including Ms Babirye.

“She (Babirye) was consulted and agreed to give away a portion of her land. She must have connived with some people to sue us after finding legal loopholes in the process of creating the road,” Mr Bukenya said.
Ms Babirye’s land measures 4 acres and is on plots; 314, 315 and 219, block 185 in Lukaya -Buddu.

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