Apac runs out of anti-malarial drugs


APAC. Gloria Akello, 21, took her two year-old sick daughter Hope Adong to Apwori Health Centre III in Chawente Sub-county, Apac District on Sunday.
She was taken to the laboratory where she tested positive for malaria. But instead of treating the child, the health worker prescribed drugs and referred the mother to a private clinic.
“I was so angry since I had no money. I sold the only chicken I had at home for the treatment,” said Ms Akello.
Following an acute shortage of anti-malarial drugs, health workers in the district have resorted to prescribing medication and referring patients to private clinics.

“Early this month, the National Medical Stores, delivered supplies and drugs to health centres in the district but Coartem, which is first- line treatment for malaria, was not delivered,” said Mr Ronald Edam Obura, the officer in charge of Apwori Health Centre.
Mr Edam described the patients’ plight as frustrating.
“Many of them hardly afford Shs3,000 a day yet a dose of Coartem on the local market is about Shs3, 500. So when they come [to the health facility], they are not very comfortable but that is the only thing we can do at the moment,” he told Daily Monitor on Monday.
“I went to the health centre last week but I was only given less than 10 tablets of Panadol and was told to buy other drugs from the clinic,” said Ms Grace Apio, 43, who was suffering from malaria.

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