How Kaweesi’s burial changed the environment at Kitwekyanjonvu


LWENGO. Before the death of the former Police Spokesperson AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi, little was known about his home village Kitwekyanjonvu, in Lwengo District.
But Kitwekyanjovu became famous after it was revealed that the slain Kaweesi was to be laid to rest there.
For those who travelled to the area before the date of burial, the village looked dull and remote with a few people who could be seen in groups conversing, certainly about the violent death of the high-profile man in the village.
The village’s trading centre comprises about 10 buildings which house the two only shops in the centre. There is also a local bar, and despite the village being remotely placed, the area has electricity.

According to Elias Mutebi a resident of Kitwekyanjovu, it was the slain Kaweesi who worked hard to ensure power lines were extended to the area and neighbouring villages.
“We never knew that we could get electricity that fast,” Mr Mutebi said as he complimented Kaweesi.
Towards Monday evening, the road from the trading centre to the deceased’s home started getting busy as residents of Kitwekyanjovu made their way to the deceased’s home. Like many remote areas where the homes in the village are rather scattered and one has to walk a considerable distance to the next person’s home, the case was the same here.

The two shops in the trading centre were seen stocking soft drinks and water, airtime, beers, and edibles among other items with the expectation that as multitudes flocked to bury Kaweesi there would certainly be demand. They were right. They sold off their items and by Monday evening as more people arrived at the burial ground, the shopkeepers were hurrying to Kyazanga town to buy items to replenish their stock.
For the items that were in high demand, both shops increased the prices. A Shs1,000 card of airtime for example was at some point sold at Shs1,500. Buyers could not complain.

Although many residents of Lwengo were in grief, many were excited as helicopters landed at Kyazanga playground. After the helicopter that brought the remains of Kaweesi left the grounds, people both old and young were seen rushing to the place where it had landed.

According to Emmanuel Mususi, a resident in Kyazanga town, people rushed to collect dust and grass from the landing zone.
“It is said that when you take that soil or grass with you, your chances of sitting in an airplane one day go higher,” Mr Musisi explained their actions.
However, another resident gave a different explanation claiming that this soil and grass can be used as medicine in most diseases that affect children.
From the time the body of Kaweesi arrived, until the time of burial, there was a steady stream of vehicles accessing the 11km road which had been worked on, on Saturday on the orders of Mr George Mutabaazi, the Lwengo district chairperson.

Slain police spokesperson Andrew Felix Kaweesi

Slain police spokesperson Andrew Felix Kaweesi

Children stood by the way and counted the cars till they could not count them anymore since the entire route from the main road to the burial ground was jammed with vehicles.
The business oriented men and women from Kyazanga and Masaka towns also came to cash in on the numbers.
Items on sale at the grounds besides drinks and edibles included calendars, key holders and T-shirts, which were all were branded with the deceased’s portraits. Newspapers were also on sale.
The calendar vendors seemed to make a killing. They did not even have to walk around showing their items. People just rushed to them to buy the calendars. During the morning when the demand was high, one went for Shs1,500, but as the day wore on, it reduced to Shs1,000.

However, one of the vendors found himself in trouble when he was confronted by angry police officers as the calendars he was selling had pictures showing the scene where Kaweesi was gunned down.
There was a commotion and panic as people rushed to go back home after the burial and many were caught up in the huge traffic jam.
Kaweesi was sent off by people from all walks of life amidst sorrow and grief. The mood in Kitwekyanjovu village will eventually return to normal, but before then, the residents will for a long while remember the day of Kaweesi’s burial and what it came with.

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