South Sudan army official survives attack


A South Sudanese military official on Wednesday survived an assassination after unknown gunmen in a brazen attempt opened fire at him in a local restaurant in Moyo District.

Capt Oliver Duku, the South Sudan Spy Chief based in Kajo-Keji in South Sudan, managed to disarm his attackers who escaped shortly after the incident. He had come to Moyo town to transact some business.

The officer in charge of Moyo police station, Mr Denis Ocircan, confirmed the incident. “He was attacked by two armed men when he was taking tea opposite a petrol station. In the process, two shots were fired,” he said.

He said police had already commenced investigations in an attempt to track down on the two gunmen believed to be South Sudan nationals.

Capt Duku, in an interview with Saturday Monitor, said he had been having tea with friends when he was attacked.
“I saw a man coming from behind while shouting out my name, that he will kill me. He pointed a pistol at me. In the process I grabbed the gun and two bullets were released after overpowering them,” he narrated.

Suspect identified
Capt Duku, who says he has faced similar attacks in the Democratic Republic of Congo, identified one of the assailants as a businessman in Kajo-Keji County.

“He was the very one who equipped the Kuku youth with bows and arrows and pangas to cause attacks in Kajo-Keji County against Madi people,” Capt Duku said. The Saturday Monitor could not independently verify this claim.

Mr Michael Nambafu, the Regional Police Commander North West Nile Region, said police were still combing refugee camps sheltering the South Sudan nationals who fled violence from their country because some of them could have entered with guns into the country.

Leaders in the area have also expressed concern over “South Sudanese spies” who they claim have infiltrated the camps. They argue this could spark violence in the area.

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