Activists ask government to implement anti child sacrifice laws


KAMPALA-Organisations advocating against child sacrifice have appealed to government to implement existing laws on child sacrifice to curb the macabre crime.

The call follows media reports of two child sacrifice cases in Rakai District in February 2017 where children were murdered in the most brutal manner that saw the killers remove their tongues and genitals before dumping the bodies in the bush.

Speaking at their meeting on increasing cases of child sacrifice in Kampala on Tuesday, Mr Ignatius Nuwoha, the programme manager research, information and advocacy from ANPPCAN- child rights organisations said; to curb child sacrifice, government must regulate operations of traditional healers across the country.

“Government should strengthen a regulatory framework of traditional hearers in Uganda to develop checks and balances within the sector,” Mr Nuwoha said.

He said that there is “no doubt” that child sacrifice is promoted by traditional healers.

“Maybe some are genuine local healers but violent murderers who disguise themselves as traditional healers end up taking away human life,” he said. “Government and all stakeholders should build the capacity of community and school based structures for both prevention and response intervention that addresses child sacrifice”.

He added that child sacrifice in particular and child abuse in general are part of the bigger problem of gender-based violence which is widespread in Uganda where most of the victims are children and women.

Ms Shelin Kasozi from Kyampisi Child Care Ministries urged parents to inform their children about the possible risks within their environment and advise them on how to avoid such dangers.

“Government should take practical steps to prevent more deaths of children because child sacrifice is one of the worst forms of violence against children in Uganda that calls for attention even from other child protection agencies,” Ms Kasozi said.

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