KCCA Councillors’ meeting with Rugunda flops


KAMPALA. A meeting between Uganda’s premier, Ruhakana Rugunda and Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) councillors meant to harmonise Kampala Minister, Beti Olive Kamya and the political wing at city hall has flopped, Daily Monitor has learnt.
The meeting was scheduled to take place yesterday (Monday, March 27th, 2017).
However, councillors who spoke to this newspaper on conditions of anonymity revealed that the Minister (Kamya) has always been inconsiderate to their demands despite several engagements with her.
“We have previously met with the Minister over her actions, in vain. She is rendering us irrelevant by deliberately refusing to endorse the resolutions we make and this has made us think that no more meetings would solve this impasse,” a female councillors said.
The councillor added that since the first meeting failed to yield results as expected, they should instead seek court redress as per council’s earlier decision.
Early this month, the authority council unanimously resolved to sue Ms Kamya, claiming that she has been handling Kampala issues recklessly and that this has had a drastic effect on their work.
The latest wrangle between Kamya and the Councillors headed by Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago is the eviction of Park Yard vendors which the latter say, they were not involved in the exercise yet they represent the interests of the people.
“We didn’t come here to waste time because our people need services. Even though we went back to the Prime Minister, it would still be the same and this Minister will take us for a ride. I can’t attend that meeting,” another councilor said.
During the authority meeting on March 15 2017, some councillors proposed that they again engage the Prime Minister to mediate the two warring parties.
Councillors would be led by deputy Lord Mayor, Hajjat Sarah Kanyike while the KCCA technical wing would be led by the Acting executive director, Andrew Kitaka.
However, Lukwago said that he couldn’t attend a meeting with someone who he claims, is totally overstepping her mandate by making “irrelevant” directives.
When asked about the growing power struggle at city hall, the Minister said that government will sort it out.
“We are handling it and I believe sanity will be restored at city hall. And, we are reviewing the KCCA Act because we want to have it amended. It’s the only reason as to why there is continuous bickering,” she said.
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