Councillors, CAO clash over abuse


Tempers flared during a district council meeting at Kagadi Community Hall as councillors asked Mr Robert Abenaitwe, the district chief administrative officer (CAO), to apologise for having insulted a female councillor.

The district council presided over by the speaker, Mr Magezi Muwonge, convened last Friday to probe into how the district failed to use Shs500 million meant for renovation of Kagadi Hospital and Shs400 million for the construction of a district administration block.

However, hell broke loose when Ms Josephine Katusabe, the Kagadi Sub-county and Kagadi Town Council woman councillor, moved a motion to reprimand Mr Abenaitwe, whom she accused of insulting and locking her up in his office beyond 6.30pm.
Ms Katusabe contended that she went to Mr Abenaitwe’s office to demand her seating allowance last week but the latter allegedly hurled insults at her to the extent of labelling her ‘mad’ woman.

She added that as the verbal exchange ensued, Mr Abenaitwe reportedly locked her inside his office.
Amid charged tempers, Ms Katusabe demanded that the CAO apologises to the council or be reprimanded.

‘‘Mr speaker, I have suffered irresponsible damage to my reputation and I pray the Chief Administration Officer be reprimanded and he publicly withdraws his statement made against me,’’ Ms Katusabe submitted before the council.

She also said a commission of inquiry be instituted into allegations that the Chief Administrative Officer issued a bounced cheque during payment of district councillors’ allowances.

However, in his defence before the already charged council, Mr Abenaitwe declined to apologise. He instead accused the council of being ‘unfair’ to him.

‘‘Mr speaker, I will not say sorry. This woman attacked me in office and sat down till 6:30pm saying that she will not leave my office until I pay her allowance. You people are not fair. I called police to come and rescue me otherwise, I would have done something to her, I can’t apologise,’’ Mr Abenaitwe said.
Infuriated councillors charged forcing the speaker to adjourn the meeting for 15 minutes.

Mr Ramuel Betonda (Kyakabadima Sub-county), said Mr Abenaitwe should account for the money that was disbursed to the district while other councillors accused him of being arrogant, incompetent and unapproachable.

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