Lack of religious values fuelling crime – bishop


The retired Ankole Bishop Emeritus George Tibesigwa has attributed the increasing crime rate in society to lack of religious values.

The bishop said the importance of education is recognised in communities but education without religion has given birth to “clever devils that terrorise the human race”.

“Education without religion is creation of clever criminals. High rate of crime has been seen in countries where religion is not emphasised and we don’t want that in Uganda, that’s not what God wants to see in Uganda,” he asserted.

“These criminals you hear about did not get education with religion and that’s why they are killing people,” said Bishop Tibesigwa

The bishop was on Sunday speaking at All Saints Greater Archdeaconry in Bushenyi Town during the thanksgiving service for St Agnes Girls Secondary School Bushenyi after the school excelled in 2016 UACE results.

He said education should be built on the pillars of God.
“Give children the proper direction by training them good ways. Train a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not turn from it. Education built on a foundation where God is at the centre is never wrong,” he told Christians.

The former district inspector of schools, Mr Edgar Manyire, who is the director of St Agnes Girls Secondary School, called upon parents to embrace education, especially the girl-child, for a better future.

“Societies without education are not living their lives in full which is contrary to God’s original plan of having man live life to its fullest. We must all get education and have good life,” he said.

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