Leader of opposition calls for increased security for MPs


The Leader of Opposition in Parliament, Winifred Kiiza, has asked government to beef up security for members of Parliament.

Justifying the request, Ms Kiiza said, Police informed the legislators that the next target for those assassinating people in the country are MPs.

“What is disheartening is that when the killing of AIGP Kaweesi happened, Police promised to beef up the security of the officers. But they also gave information that the next target is members of Parliament.
“We do not know what measures they have for protecting members of Parliament as they also give the public,” she said.

Ms Kiiza’s request comes after the assassination of Assistant Inspector of Police and Police Spokesperson, Felix Kaweesi.

“Those who are supposed to protect us are going earlier than those who are supposed to be protected. We have a duty to ensure the security of our people. The ministry of internal affairs and security should come up with a statement to this house on the security situation of this country,” she said.

Currently, MPs don’t get specified personal security beyond what they get while in the precincts of Parliament. Some MPs however have pistols given to them by police and ministers have police security guards.

Speaking on behalf of the Executive, junior finance minister, David Bahati, said the ministers of security and internal affairs will brief the House and the country on the state of the country’s security tomorrow.

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