PICTORIAL: One shot dead, mob clobbers security guard in mistaken identity scenario


A private security guard has been arrested after shooting a man dead and injuring five others in a city protest against rent increment at Superior Complex building on Ben Kiwanuka Street.

People watch the proceedings atop the building.

People watch the proceedings atop the building. Photo by Abubaker Lubowa

The dead man was identified as Samuel Lumu, who had gone to withdraw money at a mobile money shop. The injured were Erias Mulangira, Frank Mugisha, Geoffrey Nduziha and Fahad Mubiru.

The private security guard attached to SGA is detained at Central Police Station in Kampala on holding charges of murder.

Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesman, Mr Emilian Kayima said the gun he is alleged to have used, a semi-automatic rifle has also been recovered.

According to Ms Sanyu Nalunga, an eyewitness, the incident started at 9am when some tenants on Superior Complex refused to open their shops over increase in rent. The tenants, who have been paying Shs3m, had had their rent increased to Shs4m a month.

“Other tenants opened their shops so those who had closed attempted to force others to do the same. Then the guard sided with those who had opened the shops. A scuffle then started,” Ms Nalunga said.

People struggle to catch a glimpse of the

People struggle to catch a glimpse of the security guard after he was clobbered. Photo by Abubaker Lubowa

Another eyewitness said the guard who attempted to quell the fight called his supervisor.
“The supervisor removed a gun from the guard and shot one man in the neck. The supervisor retreated inside the arcade,” the second eyewitness said.

The news spread and the angry tenants joined by a mob hunted for the shooter, he said.
In the confusion, Mr Isaac Alaba, a guard of the same private security company, was seen running and he was suspected to be the shooter, the eye-witness said.

A police officer stands guard at the scene.

A police officer stands guard at the scene.

The mob arrested and beat him up, but he was saved by the police.
The police later removed the suspected shooter from building unnoticed by the angry tenants.

Police officers led by CPS commander, Mr Joseph Bakaleke, first dressed the SGA supervisor in civilian clothes then gave him a newspaper that he read as he walked from the arcade to the police patrol car and sat in the co-driver’s seat.

Many angry tenants who wanted to beat him didn’t recognise him until the patrol car started driving away.

By lunch time, Mr John Bosco Muwonge, the owner of the building, had agreed to halt the rent increment.

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