Monitor partners with aBi to boost agriculture


Monitor Publications Limited (MPL) has partnered with Agricultural Business Initiative (aBi) in the forthcoming farm clinics to promote a competitive, private sector agribusiness development and enhance wealth creation in Uganda.

The partnership that was sealed yesterday at aBi premises saw aBi fund the Seeds of Gold campaign with Shs100m to support the execution of the farm clinics and the Climate Smart Symposium.
Under the theme ‘Climate smart farming’, the partnership will aim at providing practical information, knowledge, training and solutions for agribusiness through increasing awareness and enhance adaptation and mitigation against the impact of climate change.

Mr Andre Dellevoet, the Chief Executive Officer of aBi, said it is essential to counter some of the threats of agribusiness something Daily Monitor has been doing for the last four years in practical trainings dubbed ‘Seeds of Gold farm clinics’ which have tackled aspects to do with fish farming, goat rearing , pig production, poultry, and diary.

“Seeds of Gold is one of the key media initiatives in the country to make the agribusiness people aware of modern farming and specific topics within agribusiness that matter most to the sector,” he said, adding that aBi is seeing this as a very important platform to reach out to farmers across the country.
Ms Victoria Ssekitoleko, a board member of aBi, said it is important to underline the importance of information in agriculture as whatever we do agriculture will remain the backbone of Uganda.

“We are happy to see that programmes like Seeds of Gold are now on board and while we have done a bit, a few people know about it. We shall appreciate if we get timely information because apparently, if we had acted in time, may be information about the army worm would be going around Africa and not just Uganda. We shall generate information and will be relying on you to spread the information,” she said.

Mr Tonny Glencross, MPL’s Managing Director, said Monitor has been involved in farming with a weekly magazine Seeds of Gold which has also started airing on television as a programme.
“As much as we can educate farmers to take them to another level, we have different kinds like subsistence, commercial and we try to talk to all of them to grow the industry as it is a crucial sector of the economy,” he said, stating that this is the second time aBi is partnering with MPL with a difference of taking the farm clinic outside Kampala in the East, West and the North this time round.

Partnership. The Monitor Publications Limited

Partnership. The Monitor Publications Limited managing director, Mr Tony Glencross (left), exchanges a Memorandum of Understanding with the Group CEO of Agricultural Business Initiative, Mr Andre Dellevoet (centre) as other officials look on at the aBi offices in Nakasero yesterday. PHOTO BY RACHEL MABALA

“We are going to focus on beans, chillis, banana, diary, passion fruit, this time round and we have got agricultural experts from Mbarara and Makerere to train and educate communities to be substantially better,” he said.

Sarah Nalule MPL head of marketing for MPL, said they have also put in place a symposium where farmer groups and experts will make sure that information is disseminated in a friendly manner. “Based on the feedback we got from the farmers, they have challenges to do with climate change. A lot of information has been put together to help curb this but the agricultural sector at the grass root does not have this information or even when they receive the information it is not put in a format they can best hence coming up with the symposium to address this,” said Ms Nalule.

Mr Dellevoet said aBi is proud to be associated with the Seeds of Gold initiative as it is in line with aBi’s strategic objective of strengthening competitiveness of Uganda’s agricultural and agro-processing sectors, through provision of various interventions.

“This years’ farm clinics’ theme is in harmony with aBi’s Green Growth Strategy and the selected commodities such as; dairy, horticulture, maize and cereals, are among commodities that aBi supports through its value chain development interventions,” said Mr Dellevoet.

About aBi
It is a group of registered companies; aBi Trust and aBi Finance, is a multi-stake holder entity co-founded in July 2010 by governments of Uganda and Denmark. Its objective is to promote private sector agribusiness development to enhance wealth creation in Uganda.

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