RDC praises Museveni for tolerating Mbabazi, wife


The Mitooma Resident District Commissioner (RDC), Mr Guma Nuwagaba has praised President Museveni for what he described as “exhibiting the highest level of tolerance of his rivals” notably, former presidential contender, Mr Amama Mbabazi and his wife Ms Jaqueline Mbabazi.
Mr Guma was on Tuesday speaking as chief guest at a dinner organized by Mitooma District residents to celebrate his recently earned police honorary medal given to him as the best security champion by Inspector General of Police, Gen Kale Kayihura during the International Labor Day celebrations in Palisa District.
The dinner was held at Peak Hotel in Mitooma town council, Mitooma District to celebrate the medal as a district achievement.

Mitooma RDC Mr Guma Nuwagaba(L) and his deputy

Mitooma RDC Mr Guma Nuwagaba(L) and his deputy Mr Emmanuel Ngabirano posing with the medal and portratit he received on Labor Day. Photo by Zadock Amanyisa

Mr Guma said that Mr Museveni has exhibited extreme tolerance of his political rivals including Mr Mbabazi, a former ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) secretary general and his wife at a time when other party members wanted them to be crucified for not supporting him as sole candidate ahead of the February 2016 presidential elections.
He added that the president has also forgiven former Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) diehard, Mr Chris Rwakasiisi at a time when most people in the country wanted him to be punished for what he did in the previous Milton Obote regime.
“I have been awarded a medal because of my extreme tolerance which I got from my boss, president Museveni who has been extremely tolerant to his rivals. You remember when former NRM secretary general, Mr Amama Mbabazi and wife separated with him and other NRM members wanted them crucified but president Museveni tolerated them to an extent of paying Jaqueline Mbabazi’s hospital bills recently when she was hospitalised. He also forgave Rwakasiisi, a person many people wanted to see dead for his past mistakes,” said Mr Guma.

He further noted:” During my time in Mitooma, I have experienced a lot with some leaders writing letters for my transfer, most especially during and after the 2016 elections that saw violence in the district. I reached an extent of going on forced leave of two weeks because I lost peace but I tolerated everything until when I have been given a medal for keeping security here.”
He told residents that similarly, president Museveni has kept a deaf ear amidst insults, something other heads of state cannot tolerate.
“It is not possible in other countries. Look at Rwanda or Tanzania. People have found Uganda more secure and it is a place where they can do everything. It is all because of Museveni’s tolerance,” he stressed.

The RDC appealed to the people of Mitooma to stop criminalising each other most especially in governance positions but rather learn how to tolerate each other since people change gradually.
Mr Julius Kagina, the chairman organizing committee of the dinner said the residents found it necessary to celebrate Mr Guma’s medal award as an exemplary achievement following the role he played in ensuring security in the district.
He ruled out the invisible hand of local politics saying the district could not keep silent about someone who was awarded at the national level and fail to welcome him.

“As residents, we deemed it necessary to welcome Guma as our hero. How could he achieve such a medal and we keep silent about it? Our dinner doesn’t relate with the past mistakes the district has experienced and there is no invisible hand of local politics,” he told residents.
The Mitooma town council town clerk, Mr Daudi Bukomooko urged Mitooma district leaders to always ensure quality performance in executing public service duties as assigned which results into having other people inspired to perform.
The dinner was attended by more than 150 people, including district staff, police, traders and local leadership, among others.

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