Foreign trader jailed over vending bales of worn-out underwear


KAMPALA. Court in Kampala has remanded to Luzira prison a foreign trader for allegedly vending bales of worn-out underwear.

Mr Keliang Zhang, 35, a Chinese national yesterday appeared before Buganda Road Grade one magistrate, Ms Marion Mangeni, who read to him two counts which included; selling and being in possession of worn-out bales of undergarments, offences he denied.

Prosecution contends that on April 27, 2017 at Junhao Trade Company Limited along Kafumbe Mukasa road in Kampala, Mr Zhang was found selling and in possession of 17 bales of undergarments which do not conform to the requirements code of practice for inspection and acceptance criteria for used textile products locally dumbed “Mivumba.”

Ms Mangeni adjourned the matter to May 22 for Mr Zhang’s bail application.

In August, 2016, Civil Society Organisations petitioned Parliament, calling for a ban on used undergarment and other second-hand clothes on account of being unhygienic.

In a petition that was fronted by Worldwide African Congress (WAC), a Pan-African organisation, was intended to save Ugandans dignity and health by imposing a ban on the importation of second-hand underwear that include but not limited to underpants, knickers, brassieres, vests, night dresses and subsequently reward those that engage in their production locally.

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